In Shallow Waters I Walked is a photographic project based on my home island of Hailuoto. With this project, I investigate the intrinsic value of nature, its instrumentalisation, and the dynamics of the interaction.

Engaging in dialogues amidst the shores of the Bothnian Bay and in its pine forests, I explore the interplay between the island of Hailuoto and its inhabitants, both animal and human. I examine how we perceive ourselves in relation to nature and how our connection to it is defined.

Drawing similarities to Butō (舞踏), I look at the multilayered symbiosis and conflict between the human and natural worlds. I am interested in understanding how humans position themselves within their environment, exploring the harmony or discord in this relationship. The exaggerated and expressive movements of Butō create associations with the banality and grotesquery of human actions, serving as an analogy for the ways in which humans instrumentalise their surroundings – from local experiences to global crises.


Supported by the Finnish Arts Promotion Centre.