Iran moments

I had always been curious to visit Iran especially after befriending some Iranians, who lived in diaspora. Finally, I had a chance to visit Iran during summer 2014. It was a journey through vibrant modern metropoles and ancient cities with the feeling of the 1001 tales.

During my stay I came to notice that Iran is a highly controversial country. The modern-day Iranian society is a result of the past decades’ events and it is traditional and modern at the same time. Many of the conservatives opt for the conservative politics lead by the religious clerics and the ayatollah.

At the same time the pro-western, usually urban, people demand a more liberal society with end to the ban on social media and more equality for women.

The exclusion from the West and the financial embargo due to the EU and US policies, which had lasted on and off for several years created an increasing pressure to the large middle class with no real hope for economic growth nor new jobs. Some young people were desperate to emigrate to the west discouraged by the last failed attempt to bring in a more democratic government and seeing little hope to change the status quo.


August 2014


Tehran, Yazd, Esfahan - Iran