01/2019  – True Citizens Exhibition in “Art Residence” Izhevsk, Russia
 04/2017  – Featured on Film Photographic
04/2017Photography exhibition “True Finns” and “True Brits in” Center for Creative Industries Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.
11/2016 – Photography reportage “on LGBT Activism in Russia and Ukraine” published in the Finnish Review of Eastern European Studies (3/2016)
11/2016 – Untrue Finns, part of the group exhibition of London Photo Month at Richmix Gallery, London, UK
10/2016 – Photography reportage “Forced to the Jungle” published in Libero Magazine (3 /2016)
4/2016  – “Untrue Finns”, Portrait photography exhibition at the Regional Palace of Culture, “Barents Bird Festival” in Murmansk, Russia
11/2015 – Photography competition of the Concrete Association, “Concrete as a form of art”, 1st place
10/2015 – Photography reportage “The Forgotten Roma of Serbia” published in Libero Magazine (3/2015)
10/2015 – Photos about the Greek referendum of July 2015 published in Libero Magazine (3/2015)
06/2015 – Article “Don’t Do it – Peace by the Means of Street Art” published in Pax paper magazine (1/2015)
10/2014 – Article and photos  “The End of the P5+1 Negotiations – a Brighter Future for Iran?” published in Pax e-magazine
06/2014 – Magnum Professional Practice workshop, Łódź, Poland
12/2013-01/2014 – Independent photography exhibition “Photography from Lebanon”, EkoEgo, Helsinki, Finland
12/2012-01/2013 – Participating in a photography exhibition “Photography from Finland” in Minsk, Belarus


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